Mobility Restriction

In various Osteopath and sports clinics, I listened to so many injured clients, tell me how frustrated they are by the false promises of the fitness industry.

That meant that so many are doing unrealistic and frankly unhealthy exercise programs. Which give transient results, that never last.

After speaking to one client, about my thesis on obesity. My extensive research-based theoretical training and practical experience in the therapy and fitness industry. I was convinced to come out of retirement.

So I prepared myself to return to the fitness industry.

Which makes me so confident, about the quality of my service. That I can offer 100% guarantee, that you will see results. Whatever the level of your health or fitness is when we start.

You can be assured that this will not be done by using recycled workouts or generic nutrition plans. But through tailored unique programs, based around your unique needs. Because I know how everyone is so different. Which is why I will always discover what will work for you as an individual. Through detailed assessments. As opposed to just guessing.

Level 2

Level 3

Functional Range Release



Bio-mechanical Movement Assessment* (45 minutes) Complimentary
Comprehensive assessment (120 minutes) £150
Osteopathic/P.T 1:1 (hourly rate) £75
Basic, 8-Session package £550
Advanced, 16-Session Package £995
Add on, 8-week online program £75
Add on, Nutritional discussion £75

*Up-to one per Fitness First bath member.

The treatment I received from Adam has been most beneficial and I would recommend Adam.

–Keres Mercer, suffered from sciatica

I can’t wait to be 100% in control of my pain and get this problem finally put to bed. Thank you so much for helping me!!

–Louise Richie, recovering from shoulder pain

I am so very grateful for the actions of the osteopath without which the damage to the muscle might have been irreversible.

–Maxine Gibson, suffered a knee injury