This is My Story

Overtraining Solution Managed by Mr Adam Robertson, BSc (hons), GOSC, REPS
EMPOWERS people, to transform their life.   

Unlike many services out there, that are dogmatically attached to one strategy. Overtraining Solution, utilises multiple strategies/tools. Because Adam knows how unique we all are.

Adam’s story:

Adam was never the strongest, or fittest individual. But he has been getting progressively stronger year after year.

It is Adam’s experience, which has transformed him into a specialist in empowering others to avoid being needlessly dependent on something (e.g. Unsustainable training or dietary regimes). Through reading research alongside working as a personal trainer, a physiotherapist technician and an Osteopath. Whilst being mentored by leaders in the field of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy. With his Current mentor being the esteemed director of Faster Fitness, who is turning Adam into a world-class movement expert. It is Adam’s valuable experience that is the reason that Overtraining Solution is becoming a company that leads field, in transforming guys: who feel too weak.

Knowing the frustration of feeling disempowered and weak. Having had chronic fatigue, from undiagnosed caeliac disease. Alongside having to battle with pain on a daily basis, after 2 whiplashes, which stopped him from doing even basic exercises. Adam has bounced from one failed attempt (to get fitter) to another, time and again failing, wasting time and energy in the process. In other words, Adam can relate to those who feel weak.
The reason that Adam started Overtraining Solution, is so that others can learn from his research and mistakes. He does not want his experiences and knowledge to be wasted. Because he has always loved, EMPOWERING those who feel weak.

How Adam Gets Results:

Based on years of research into the common obstacles that stop people in their tracks. Overtraining Solution, does not help clients until they have had a comprehensive assessment, to understand what the obstacle is that has been stopping you.  Be that pain, poor posture, Biomechanical or nutritional issues.

Once the problem is identified, then the appropriate bespoke protocol is prescribed. This protocol, always takes individual preferences and lifestyle preferences into account. Rather then trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Adam is Experienced in the following Techniques:


>> Hands-on treatment
(10-years Sports Massage, 1-year Osteopathic and 2-years Functional Range Release experience)

>> Movement Enhancement
(4-years Gymnastic Coaching and 10-years Personal training experience)

>> Rehab Work
(6-years Physiotherapy assistant experience)

Adam’s registrations:

Bath personal trainer and osteopath