Health Issues or Concerns

Your health issues or concerns are approached with respect and discretion.


Adam is a qualified Osteopath and Fitness Coach with medical insights into injury rehabilitation.

Mobility Problems

Your problems with joint mobility or even just getting around need not be a problem for ever.

Personal Trainer

Looking for a personal fitness trainer in Bath? The read on because you have come to the right place.

Who is Personal Training For?


If either the motivation, self-discipline to consistently workout, or the expertise of knowing what is most effective is missing, then results become very difficult.  But don’t worry, I can help you.


Regardless of whether your goals are:


  • To lose weight
  • Tone up the muscles.
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Improve your fitness level


It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, a senior or someone looking for a coach for their kids, just as long as you are near the area of BA1.  Even if you do not live or work in Bath, you might decide that Adam is the right personal trainer for you.


Exercise Programming

Adam can help you by carefully selecting the best bespoke program for your specific needs. Having many years experience as a full-time personal trainer, in his early twenties, where he prescribed exercise to people day in and out, you can trust that he is a specialist in exercise prescription.

Adam’s exercise programs are built upon, his holistic approach to fitness, health & wellness. Taking into account biomechanical and physiological laws, which underpin exercise science, to ensure safety. As well as taking into account psychological preferences, to ensure the program won’t be boring.


Exercise Equipment

 Being based in the elite Fitness First gym with studios, in central Bath. Means that every type of exercise equipment can be incorporated into 1:1 personal training sessions. From advanced bodybuilding and weightlifting equipment to simple gymnastic equipment, you can rest assured knowing that the best piece of enjoyable equipment will be available for you. So you can be assured that training with Adam will not be based around a single gimmicky methodology, but the most effective method is chosen based on an array of options. As none of us are the same.



 Personal training was started by lifestyle COACHES. In which Adam has always coached his clients through the transformation purpose. As he knows it doesn’t matter how good the program is, if it is not accompanied with accountability. Which is why Adam, ensures that his 1:1 clients adhere to the program, by making them be accountable for their actions. In the long-term this helps to ensure that his clients are happier and more confident people.


Nutritional Advice

 Physical transformations will always be easier if the body has the right nutritional and supplementation. Which is why it is important to get individualized, general dietary advice.



 Adam gets no greater pleasure than seeing his clients get the visual results they desire. Which is why he passionately reminds his clients what their goal is, to ensure that long-lasting results are achieved quickly. As Adam focuses 100% on his clients’ goals, they are ensured that they will always get a second to none service. Trusting that the results will come with time.


REPS registered
 As personal trainers are professionally educated and registered it ensures that the client’s effort is intelligently applied and not wasted.


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Personal Trainer, Bath UK

What Adam Does

Adam is Experienced in the following Techniques:

>> Hands-on treatment
(10-years Sports Massage, 1-year Osteopathic and 2-years Functional Range Release experience)

>> Movement Enhancement
(4-years Gymnastic Coaching and 10-years Personal training experience)

>> Rehab Work
(6-years Physiotherapy assistant experience)

















Adam Robertson

Overtraining Solution Managed by Mr Adam Robertson, BSc (hons), GOSC, REPS
EMPOWERS people, to transform their life.

Unlike many services out there, that are dogmatically attached to one strategy. Overtraining Solution, utilises multiple strategies/tools. Because Adam knows how unique you are.



 “I have had a lot more mobility and seen less pain through my back since I have seen Adam. And found more things out that nobody has noticed and pointed out to me which has helped me out, so much.”

— Vicky Thorne, Hip Mobility and mid back pain

“Having seen Adam over a series of sessions he has empowered me to breathe effectively and started me on a path of exercises suitable for my body type (hypermobile), to improve my lower back pain and hip mobility. Finally someone has taught me that over stretching is not the only answer – in fact stability for me is key. He has always been calm and constructive in his approach, giving me a sense of comfort and trust.”

— Samantha Gill, Hip mobility and lower back pain

“Adam has been treating me for approx 4 weeks. I found his treatment excellent, and very professional. He has helped me with my neck and shoulder pain and I’m very grateful for his services. I would definitely recommend Adam to anybody for his services, and such a lovely guy. Thank you for everything.”

–Darren Long, Neck & Shoulder pain

“Following the slow and eventual recovery of a knee injury over the period of more than a year, which had included support and advice from various health professionals, I found my inability to walk normally was in itself now causing prolonged problems for me. As a long time lover of walking as a leisure activity, this was very dispiriting for me and having struggled for some weeks to try and resolve the issue myself, I visited ‘Not Just Backs’. An assessment by Adam osteopath indicated a shortening of the calf muscle as a direct result of the long healing process of the knee. Through a number of sessions of physical manipulation of the relevant muscles and a programme of targeted exercises, I am now able to walk again without discomfort and recently have been able to enjoy long walks with friends of 7 miles and more. I am so very grateful for the actions of the osteopath without which the damage to the muscle might have been irreversible.”

–Maxine Gibson, Knee Injury

“Having sciatica for about two weeks I booked an appointment with Adam Robertson.  Adam was able to identify the problem area easily and worked to manipulate it to give instant relief.  He requested a further two appointments in order to get to the root cause which he felt was a long standing issue requiring further investigation and treatment.  Adam gave clear instructions for several exercises to improve posture and maintain pain relief. The treatment I received from Adam has been most beneficial and I would recommend Adam.”

–Keren Mercer, Sciatica

“over 3 years ive suffered with back and shoulder problems…I’ve had mri scans, ultrasound, X-rays, acupuncture, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nerve tests and massages. I thought I’d try ‘not just backs’ after hearing about them on the radio. Well, I can’t recommend this place enough! I feel like I have an understanding of why I have been in pain and that someone generally wants to help. I’ve been past from pillar to post and now someone has actually figured out and explained what’s wrong and after just two treatments I’m already showing improvement. I can’t wait to be 100% in control of my pain and get this problem finally put to bed. Thank you so much for helping me!!”

–Louise Richie, Shoulder pain